Watch Care

Leather Straps

All Guess Leather straps are Genuine Leather, All Denim Straps have a Genuine Leather Backing, Leather/Denim straps should not be submerged in water…

Rubber / Silicone Straps

Rubber/Silicone straps are water resistant, but should not be submerged in water for extended periods of time.
Do NOT expose straps to gases or chemicals (Ex: fragrance sprays, detergents, insecticides, etc.) Stains made by dye, paints and oily substances may be difficult to remove. Due to the composition of the material, straps may harden or discolor after extensive use.

Water Resistant

Watches are marked Water Resistant from 3ATM to 10ATM only as long as lens, buttons, crown, case, caseback and gaskets remain intact. Do NOT operate crowns or buttons when the watch is wet or under water.
Always wipe watch dry after being exposed to water.